3.6.9 Restaurant Shanghai Food

Awards galore – lined up on the walls of a restaurant. Minimalist interior design for a modern aesthetic; Ambient atmosphere created with dim lighting; Curated furniture and cutlery. These are just a few features of what casual dining has come to appreciate, creating simplistic and immaculate experiences for anyone willing to venture into the craft of modern cuisine.
But venture down the grey concrete and bustling roads of Hong Kong. History has on trekked these roads countless times, restaurants along these streets have skyrocketed to success, whist many have also taken the burden of economical difficulties.
To create an iconic entity in Hong Kong takes willpower and manpower, but most of all a vision for taste. Still standing strong with over years of heritage and experience, 3.6.9 Restaurant Shanghai Food has proven that success and longevity in the current food and beverage industry is possible – just make sure your food is bloody damn good.
Is 3.6.9 Restaurant Shanghai Food reflective of modern dining? Housed on G/F, 30-32 O’Brien Road, Wan Chai, this iconic restaurant is anything but ambient. Symbolic of restaurants in the 70s and 80s, the atmosphere is anything but minimal – functionality trumps. Design is in the food, not the interior. Taste is their focal point, not experience. Immaculate is in flavours, not presentation.
You want traditional and heritage Shanghainese flavours – this is the place.
Over 60 years ago, Humphrey Tai’s (manager and owner) grandfather relocated to Hong Kong in hopes of creating a better life for his family and future generations. However the one thing he missed most was the food and love he had for Shanghai cuisine. And so the concept, and founding father of 3.6.9 Restaurant Shanghai food decided to bring this to Hong Kong.
Humphrey bears the responsibility of a 60 year old heritage. Passing down the traditional and true flavours of their cuisine, all Wontons and Xiao Long Baos are prepared by their head chefs – the sheets are made not too thick and not too thin. “That is the key to making Xiao Long Baos”
The curated menu is a full selection entrees, soups, noodles, and mains. Name a Shanghai dish you like, and you’ll be sure to find it at 3.6.9 Restaurant Shanghai Food. The one point to take note of is that some dishes are tailored for the current Hong Kong demographic, an unavoidable necessity to compete with other competitors who tailor a modern approach to Shanghai cuisine.
Plum’s partnership with 3.6.9 Restaurant Shanghai Food brings to you heritage dishes at your office front. Our first dish from this iconic restaurant was their Shanghainese Nian Gao, a true and authentic experience for our clients who wanted to taste the deep flavours of Shanghai cuisine. We followed with Shanghai Lion Head meatballs, offering a rich and oozing experience of fatty and lean meat. Only this week did we serve up a leaner option of Braised Chinese Mushroom and Bok Choy, to offer our vegetarian lovers an experience from this iconic restaurant.
3.6.9 Restaurant Shanghai Food is a paradise for those wanting authentic flavours, as well as well portioned sizes. Make sure to pop by for a visit when in Wan Chai, or keep your eye on our menu as we continue to curate and offer you these iconic dishes.
Address: G/F, 30-32 O’Brien Road, Wan Chai

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