BlissHIVE – Hidden Gem of Hong Kong

Slide through into “BlissHIVE Bakery Cafe” through the black framed glass window doors and the atmosphere exudes a rustic aura below their high ceilings; distressed wooden finishes release a faint cedar scent that swirls through the aromatic compounds of freshly baked bread and cookies.
Gaze further into the Cafe and Bar where a prominent feature of Kitchen Industrial Silver trickles through the passthrough, right above where the overworked and sturdy Burgundy Red coffee machine stands.
BlissHIVE’s hidden gem lies in that small corner of Burgundy Red; hundreds of cups of Italian roasted blend coffee fulfill the daily rituals of a city dweller, each sip infused with rich and deep notes of Southern Italy from beans sourced from 7 different locations across the globe. A universally loved addiction, BlissHIVE’s curated coffee is a necessity within the coffee culture of Hong Kong.
Plum’s partnership with BlissHIVE revolves around the home reminiscent cooking their head Chef Wing has curated. Drawing from years of experience, her culinary expertise offers the refinement and sophistication of Western Cuisine, yet approachable and relaxed in style as of that found in a cafe. “Deconstructed Charcoal Sandwich” offers such atmospheric flavours, a highlight being the Crab Meat Avocado Spread made 100% by BlissHIVE. Simplistic and flavourful with every bite, the deconstruction allows for exploration of individual flavours, as well as the tailored combination of each element within the dish for personal preferences.
Such is that Plum has found a gem of an offering, our partnership with BlissHIVE also explores into their bakery. The protruding but not intrusive industrial silver inside the kitchen bakes up a handful of wonders, from BlissHIVE’s “detox” Charcoal breads; loaves of German grain breads; bite sized cookies varying in sweet and savoury notes; to blissful desserts for happy endings to a meal.
BlissHIVE is hidden on 1 Lily St, Tai Hang. Too far to venture? Keep updated with Plum’s daily menu offerings, as we’ll be sure to continue our love for BlissHIVE’s cafe gems.

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