Food AND Technology

Based in Hong Kong, Plum is a “tech” and a “food” company.
But here’s the thing: food and tech have always worked well together.
Indeed food and tech have worked in tandem since the Neolithic period (circa 2500 BC).
OK, before you think that I’ve gone off on some wild tangent just bear this in mind: the moment our great-great-great (repeat 200 times) grandfathers discovered that efficiencies could be created by keeping and looking after livestock was the moment that our various civilizations around the world took-off!
In other words – we were no longer obliged to run after and chase wild game for our survival, rather, we kept livestock in fields, sheds and devised ways to efficiently feed and fatten them.
So, if you agree with the above, you’ll see that in actual fact “tech” and “food” is certainly nothing new.
OK, so let’s talk about how Plum fits into this happily married partnership of food and technology.
Plum employs just as many food curation experts in Hong Kong as it does programmers, coders, software architects, and UI/ UX experts.
Without one there wouldn’t be the other. Our food curation team actively goes out and tests dozens of dishes, literally, every day, but they can only do so based on a thorough understanding of the “taste palette” of our customers. Understanding who our customers are, and what their tastes are, is the main driver of our business and we’re only able to discover that based on the data; and importantly being able to make decisions from that data.
The Plum Mobile App, which first started life in Hong Kong (available here) is updated hundreds of times a day with a constant stream of data pertaining to “order quantities, order reconciliation, payment processes” and at least another 200 other complicated variables.
So, when people ask “what we do” we have to really answer that we are a “food” and a “tech” company.
OK, if we had to choose between the two I guess we’d say that we are more of a “food” company!

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