Plum Restaurant Curation Team

Plum isn’t just a food delivery company- we are at heart a group of foodies who love and adore what we eat, and that passion fuels our drive to share our favorite meals with you. Food is at the center of everything we do, whether it’s a sizzling Ribeye steak or a refreshing vegetarian bibimbap, and we go that extra mile to find the best meals in the city to deliver the pinnacle gastronomic lunch experience, right at your office.
As part of the restaurant curation team, we run that extra mile to bring back fabulous food at incredible prices. From prestigious Michelin-recommended restaurants to our personal favorite hole-in-the-walls, our team has one goal and one goal only— to bring back meals that will revolutionize your lunch. And we can guarantee your satisfaction with our food through our multi-step curation process. Our daily excursions to scout the hidden gems in the city result in a handful of Hong Kong’s finest lunches brought to our food-tasting committee every day. We judge each dish by its taste, presentation, and value, and only if we are fully convinced that it is a revolutionary dish will it move forward to becoming a potential Plum dish.
Us knowing it’s a great dish is half the equation; conveying that to our users is the next step and a challenging one at that. Our photographers and copywriters work hand-in-hand to bring to life the most mouthwatering digital experience because we know that’s the only accurate and acceptable way to depict such great food.
At the end of the day, what we do is what we love, and we hope you love what we do. Give us a comment on what you want to see on our menu, and it might just start showing up in our upcoming menus. Cheers.
— from the Plum restaurant curation team

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