Food Delivery Cyberport

We Love Cyberport!

As our tribe know, we’re a food-tech startup and we’re very likely the fastest growing company within our niche in Hong Kong, so it stands to reason that we’re big fans of Cyberport.
Here’s a cool fact about Cyberport: since 2007 until last year (2017), the group (which owns and operates Cyberport) has incubated and funded over 340 startups.
A lot of people who work in Cyberport love it as a workplace but they do tend to complain that there are not too many lunch choices or Cyberport lunch delivery services, and that’s where Plum, fits in!

Do You Need Lunch Inspiration Choices In Cyberport?

We’ve got your back.
Plum knows that you’re probably at a disadvantage working in Cyberport with regards to lunch delivery so that’s why we moved in; i.e we know the areas in Hong Kong to go after.

So, Who Is Plum and Why Use Us?

Plum is a global food company (currently delivering lunches in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney).
We curate critically-acclaimed meals from all over the cities we serve and bring them to a location near you.
Our mission is to make eating the best food (as well as snack, drinks and desserts) as easy as possible.
We have a two step approach to servicing our customers. Firstly, we taste every dish to ensure its quality before putting it on our menu, and secondly, unlike existing market players, we charge no delivery fee and our prices are on par with, sometimes lower, than restaurants.]
In summary, we bring you ‘out of district’ lunches to a location near you which has two major benefits:

  1. You have the convenience of having a larger reach of restaurants and food choices;
  2. We negotiate with our restaurants weeks in advance with the benefit being that the price you pay is more affordable.

Compared to other food delivery providers in Cyberport we charge no fees to bring you your food!

Where Are The Cyberport ‘Pick Up Points’?

In Cyberport we currently have four different ‘Pick Up Points’ that our customers are able to collect their lunches from.
These are:

  1. Smart Space Fintech (outside main entrance) 取餐點: Smart Space Fintech (正門外面)
  2. Cyberport McDonalds Ground Floor 取餐點: 數碼港麥當勞

To see images of our collection points in Cyberport please follow this link.

How Do I Order My Plum Lunch and Have It Delivered To Cyberport!

It’s very simple.
To start enjoying delicious lunches brought to you from outside the Cyberport area then you’ll need to download and install our app.

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