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We’ve Launched In ICC, Hong Kong

We’re currently serving various locations in Hong Kong, namely: Admiralty, Central, Kwun Tong and Quarry Bay, here’s a link for our ‘pick-up’ locations.
It’s worth mentioning that we’re about to also launch in Cyberport and…also…other locations that I am not yet at liberty to report on!
So, back to the subject at hand, we’re delighted to announce that starting at the end of May 2018 we will be offering occupants of the ICC Building with Plum Lunches!
If you’ve just stumbled on this post, here’s what we mean by a ‘Plum Lunch!’

Why Did We Start Offering Our Lunch Service To ICC?

We launched operations in ICC because we felt that the restaurant options available to occupants are below satisfactory.
Our model operates on being able to procure meals from out of district to you with minimal fuss.
We’ve reached a point in our business whereby a lot of our customers are spreading the word about our service so being able to launch in new areas becomes a whole lot easier.

What ICC Lunch Delivery Options Can You Expect?

Leave that to us!
Here’s a sample of some of the most popular lunches we’ve delivered to Hong Kong residents since late 2017.
However, if you’re new to Plum, then firstly, welcome, and secondly, please allow us to provide you with lovingly, delicious and uniquely curated food experiences that will be directly brought to you at ICC.
Each one of our Hong Kong districts has a different menu. We alternate and diversify our menu to offer you a greater and wider choice of lunch options.
Typically we almost always include a vegetarian option, a local ‘wow’ Cantonese dish and very often a ‘wild card’ lunch which we’re testing out. Typical options of what to expect would be 米芝蓮推介 沙薑雞飯 Michelin Recommended – Steamed Chicken with Sand Ginger, 藥膳醉雞湯飯 Chinese Herbal Chicken Soupy Rice or 鹹蛋蒸肉餅山配飯 Salted Egg Mountain Meat Cake with Rice.

Wait. How Does Plum Deliver Lunch To ICC?

Glad you asked.
We bring your lunch to a location close to ICC, for the latest and most accurate ‘ICC Plum Collection Point’ please follow this link here.

What Are The Best Restaurants In ICC?

We thought we’d include this section here and review some of our favorite picks of restaurants close to ICC because, well, this is a post on places to eat near or in ICC!
By our calculations there are over 72 different styles of restaurants within a 2.5 mile radius of ICC but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are all ‘good’.
The list below is an attempt to try and list some restaurants that we feel would be certainly worthy of a visit and which are within a close proximity to ICC.
#1 Tin Lung Heen (Cantonese Restaurant)
You will need to make a reservation at this Michelin-starred restaurant. This Cantonese style restaurant offers all the classics and is particularly well noted for its’ traditional Dim Sum. It’s also worth mentioning that they offer vegetarian options.
#2 RyuGin Hong Kong (Japanese)
This restaurant, within very close proximity to ICC, has some excellent reviews, including from parents with kids. Opening at 6pm this ICC Japanese restaurant would be a winner to entertain clients.
#3 Inakaya Hong Kong (Japanese)
Very similar to RyuGin this is another winning Japanese restaurant. Having read all the reviews from this restaurant we’d say that if you are dinning in a large crowd then go ahead and make a booking.
#4 The Sky Boss 波士廳
If you need a place to ‘kick-it back’ then this would be fantastic fit. We averaged the reviews and came to the decision that it’s a cosy place ideal for beer drinkers, and needles to say, yes, the views, like the name of this venue suggests, are awesome.
#5 Mango Tree
The Mango Tree in ICC is another lounge-type restaurant near to The Sky Boss. They too have a casual relaxed atmosphere as well as offering awesome cocktails.
#6 Dragon Seal Restaurant and Bar 龍璽
As restaurants in ICC go, this one gets a mega applaud with reviews. Slightly more orientated to more of a ‘wine crowd’ rather than the happy beer drinkers of The Sky Bar, we’d say that the ‘Dragon Seal Restaurant and Bar’ is absolutely worth it. Another mega selling point about this venue are the views from ICC which I have been told are spectacular.
#7 Grand Central Bar and Grill
Located close to ICC (in Sorrento Tower 1, 1 Austin Road) we’d describe this restaurant as being cosy and casual with a fine selection of cocktails. Reviews state that this restaurant can get a little crowded with folk working in ICC streaming down for after-work drinks. We also understand that they have a popular Happy Hour so if you work in ICC and are looking to below off some steam then head-on down!
#8 Stormies
Stormies in ICC is a Western Restaurant and as far as we can tell the only Western Restaurant worth mentioning near ICC. This restaurant would work well for groups.
#9 Pivo Czech Bar
This is another laid back venue which is popular amongst occupants of ICC. The reviews for their food is reasonable but we’d urge you to tell us otherwise!
#10 The Night Market
This Taiwanese restaurant in ICC has solid reviews and caters for large groups. We noticed that their ‘beef noodles’ are considered as being the best in that part of Hong Kong.
#11 Tosca
A list on the ‘Best ICC Restaurants’ wouldn’t be complete without an Italian offering and we’re delighted to refer you to Tosca! Whilst the opera might end in tragedy the food, according to the reviews, does not. Reviews place this restaurant as excelling at catering to groups. Worth mentioning that there five course dinner is priced at 600HKD per head.
#12 Sing Yin Cantonese Dining
Last, and certainly not least, is ‘Sing Yin Cantonese Dining’.
Aside from ‘Tin Lung Heen’ (see #1 top of our list) this is the only other Cantonese Restaurant in ICC that we’ve included in our list. Sing Yin is particularly well known for its Dim Sum so for the Plum Tribe this might be an awesome restaurant for you since we know that you like your Dim Sum!

In Summary

If you’re looking for a restaurant that does ICC food delivery you might be in luck with the above, however what we can tell you is that if you leave the decisions and negotiations with us you’ll not be disappointed with our daily and varied selections of lunch delivery options.

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