Grilled Japanese Eel

Grilled Eel is very popular in Hong Kong and for all the right reasons; it’s healthy and it’s delicious!
In Japan Grilled Eel is referred to as ‘Unadon’ which consists of fillets of grilled Eel which are prepared in a style known as kabayaki, similar to teriyaki. The word ‘Unadon’ is an abbreviation for ‘Unagi’ and ‘Donburi’ which means, literally “Eel Bowl”.
Typically the dish is served in a Donburi bowl.

What’s The Sauce?
The Eel fillets are glazed with a sweetened soy-based sauce, called ‘tare’ and caramelized, preferably over charcoal fire. The fillets are not flayed, and the grayish skin side is placed faced down. Sufficient tare sauce is poured over so that some of it seeps through the rice underneath. By convention, pulverized dried berries of sansho (called Japanese pepper, although botanically unrelated) are sprinkled on top as seasoning.
Unadon in Hong Kong
There’s a ton of really great Unadon restaurants in Hong Kong, here’s a great list. Here at Plum, we’re passionate about bringing our customers with the best meals that we can possibly find and we are proud to say that our customers in Kwun Tong are going to be enjoying a delicious and generous portion of Unadon the first week of March.

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