Hong Kong Food Festivals

The Four Major Food Festivals in Hong Kong
Food festivals have become a regular event in most countries around the world.
The major benefit of going to food festivals is that you get to experience dishes from various cultures: it’s basically the easiest and most delicious way to experience a culture unique from yours.
Why Hong Kong Is A Fantastic Place For Food Festivals
Hong Kong is a melting pot of local and international cuisines that, over time, has become even more sophisticated – and this is the main reason why food festivals have been popping up in this part of China.
Read on to educate yourselves with some of Hong Kong’s biggest food festivals!

Hong Kong Food Festival
Date: Towards the end of December each year
Hong Kong Food Festival is the biggest and longest running gastronomic event in Hong Kong.
What makes this event popular is how it is able to lure locals and overseas visitor foodies to try different Asian cuisines.
Some of the things you’d find here are local snacks, popular dishes and holiday delicacies from neighbouring countries (mostly) Japan and Korea, and South East Asian Cuisine. If you’re very diet-conscious, don’t fret as they have booths with vegetarian and organic food & health products, fresh fruits and vegetables.
Load up with some alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The Hong Kong Food Festival houses stalls that offer wine and liquors, and also beverages such as coffee, milk and tea.
This food festival has been regarded, as the best indoor food festival during the Christmas season as it gathers over 300 exhibitors to showcase the variety of food in Hong Kong and in other countries. To make the festival livelier and more exciting, organizers also put up different activities such as Speed Eating & Cooking contests. It has been said that a very generous  HKD $10,000 is given as cash prize for the winners.
The festival is hosted for 5 days, so locals have no excuse not to be able to visit.
As the festival grows each year, expect to have more delicacies from countries such as Italy, Australia, Singapore & Malaysia to join. Interested to go?
Average price of tickets is at HK$200 to attend.

Taste Hong Kong
Date: Towards the middle/ end of March each year
A classier and smaller version of Hong Kong Food Festival but more engaging for attendees, Taste Hong Kong offers live cooking demonstrations and tasting events done by world-class chefs.
The exhibitors in this food festival are actual Hong Kong restaurateurs and not just the normal concessionaires you see in a typical food expo.
Aside from roaming around different restaurants, the cool thing about this event is that you can watch and learn how crowd-pleasing dishes are prepared!
Taste Hong Kong has a total of 6 sessions (4-5 hours each) spread across 4 days with ticket pricing ranging from HK$75-HK$150, covering promos and VIP access.
Experiencing Taste Hong Kong gives you that gastronomic feeling with a wide variety of food & drinks from Hong Kong’s best restaurants. The festival also puts up a gourmet market for when you feel like bringing home some fresh produce.
What’s good about this food festival is that it’s open to all ages and does not have any age limit.
Children at an early age can also learn a thing or two just by checking out the festival and be exposed to different dishes they can try out. Restaurants participating offer the following cuisines: Italian, Cantonese, Japanese & Punjabi to name a few.

Hong Kong Macau Street Food Festival
Date: Towards the middle/ end of October each year
Held last October 2017 was the first instalment of the Michelin Hong Kong Macau Street Food Festival at Studio City’s Macau Gourmet Walk.
Participants in this food festival were Michelin-starred restaurants & eateries across Asia, which served their award winning street food creations and signature delicacies.
Some of the highlights in this food festival include Chilled Fresh Abalone with Plum Wine and Fern Root Noodles from Pearl Dragon in Macau, and Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle from Singapore – the first ever street food eatery to be awarded with a Michelin star.
One thing we can say is that you better prepare your taste buds for a journey of street foods and experience being a traveler just by trying out these delicacies found in other parts of Asia.
From the world famous Hawker from Singapore, Dimsum from Hong Kong, Cantonese from Macau to stalls of Japanese food, you’ll never really go hungry when you visit.
A huge bonus is that the food festival offers free admission. That means you can use all your money to buy dishes and drinks!
Due to its successful first event last October, we won’t be surprised to see the second event this coming 2018.

Spice Festival
Date: Towards the end of April each year
How about a different take on food festival? Sounds interesting?
Spice Festival offers a different food expo experience as it only serves up delicious, spicy food! Are you up to take on the 60-second Spicy Noodles Challenge? Then grab a VIP ticket and go for it!
The festival has been held for 2 years now and surprisingly has received positive response from local and tourists alike. Aside from having over more than 50 local and international booths of hot & spicy delicacies, the festival capitalizes on making the event standout by putting up interactive entertainment, workshops and contests.
To keep the crowd pumped up, a street party is held featuring local bands and DJs.
The main reason this festival stands out is because of how it is able to gather spicy food lovers and adventurous foodies to partake in such a fun and colorful event. It’s definitely a must try for someone who enjoys devouring dishes that have a serious kick!
The Spice Festival in Lan Kwai Fong is held every April. If you’re a spicy dish lover, you should definitely check this festival out!
These are just some of the top food festivals you can go to whenever you get the chance to visit Hong Kong.
Truly a wide variety of food and drinks you can try out from local & international brands, a trip to one of these will be absolutely worth it.

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