Typical Hong Kong Street Foods

A List of Recommended Crazy Street Foods in Hong Kong
Whenever one travels to a local and more so an international destination, an itinerary is prepared. A traveler usually plans which places to visit, tourist spots & famous landmarks to get their Instagram-worthy shots taken, ample time for shopping and of course restaurants to try out. But an essential one should include in his travel itinerary is to try out the local street foods famous in every country.
If you are visiting Hong Kong, you should most definitely walk the streets and try out their delicious street foods. Not only does it give you a different experience traveling like a local on foot and getting full on a low budget, immersing yourself with local foods gives you a better understanding of Hong Kong’s culture.
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In this article, we list down some of the crazy street foods we’d recommend you try out when step into this colorful place.
Squid Tentacles
First in the list is something for the seafood lovers and for those who want to avoid eating oily food. Grilled squid tentacles can be seen in every corner of Hong Kong and though some might find this dish strange (maybe because of how the tentacles look like; the body of the squid is nowhere to be found), this is a staple street food in the country. Grilled squid tentacles are a big hit in with locals and tourists alike mainly because it’s something people can eat even on rush. Plus the choices of sauce are part of the fun, too! More popular choices include Barbeque, Teriyaki and Chili. Yum!

Pig Intestines
Don’t let the name of the food fool you as this is one of Hong Kong street food market’s best sellers. Hearing pig intestines as your choice of lunch may not sound as appetizing, but believe us when we say that it’s definitely worth a try.
It’s a skewer type of food, fried in oil and dipped in your choice of sauce, similar to the squid tentacles. This food is recommended especially for those who love bacon, as the taste resembles the breakfast food favorite.

Stinky Tofu
Another food in the list that you shouldn’t let the name scare you off is Stinky Tofu. The stench of the food from afar might easily turn you off but if you are feeling a little more adventurous, you should try this out. Stinky Tofu is deep-fried and is best eaten with a mix of sweet & chili sauce.

Organs in A Pot
Time to rise up the ante and try a mixed bowl of animal organs and vegetables. If trying out pig intestines is not exotic enough for you, then maybe this is something you can try if you’re feeling the need to try something more “out there”. The animal organs normally included in this dish are offal, entrails and pig or cow’s organs. We dare you to try this one out. It’s guaranteed one for the books!

Pig Blood Curd
For those who are fond of eating Congee then this next dish on our list is something worth the try. However, there’s a catch because it’s not just your typical warm rice soup. The type of congee popular in the streets of Hong Kong has reddish/black blocks found in it. Those are actually pig blood mixed in this exotic delicacy. If you want to take your typical congee experience to the next level, then pig blood curd is you best bet.

Chicken Testicles
Now where and how to start with this next item on our list? Marinated in soy sauce and comes in different shapes & sizes, Chicken Testicles are actually a hit crazy street food staple in Hong Kong. It can be cooked and eaten in different ways – boiled, deep-fried or mixed in a hot pot. They say that eating chicken testicles are good for women’s skin and men’s kidneys. Now you’ve got one other reason to try this dish out!

Snake Soup
How about some soup after a long day roaming around the streets of Hong Kong? Snake Soup is one of the most popular foods in Hong Kong. The snake meat found in the soup tastes like chicken. It actually also looks like chicken meat as well. Chinese locals also believe that eating snake is actually a good source of positive Yin energy.

Raw Horse Meat
Eating raw tuna and salmon sashimi is pretty normal. It’s actually a favorite Japanese dish. However, an influence contributed by the Japanese culture in Hong Kong is eating raw Horse Meat, similar to that of tuna and salmon sashimi. Eating raw horse meat is very much the same as eating Japanese sashimi. Dip it in some soy sauce spiced up with wasabi. It sounds a little dangerous to the taste buds but people have said that it is actually much more delicious than it sounds.

Fish Balls with Curry Sauce
Another street food popular in Hong Kong are Fish Balls dipped in Curry Sauce. Perfect for people who are on the go, it can be found in almost every street in Hong Kong and only costs around HK$5 for a stick of 6 fish balls. Fish balls are deep fried in boiling oil then dipped in a spicy curry sauce. This well-loved street food dish has been around in the 1950s and it really is no wonder why. The savory curry sauce is a delight to the taste buds, believe us!

Fried Mealworms
Last but definitely last on our list is the admittedly the most adventurous street food of them all. If you are feeling extremely adventurous, try out Fried Mealworms. We won’t describe this one for you, go ahead and check it out for yourself.
These are just some of the crazy street foods you can try out when you visit Hong Kong. Explore the busy streets of Mongkok and Tsim Sha Tsui and experience some of the best and most exotic street foods Hong Kong has to offer. Enjoy!

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