We’re Coming to Quarry Bay!

Quarry Bay. Once the outreach of Hong Kong Island and the home of the Taikoo Shipyard and Sugar Refinery, it is now dominated by towering commercial skyscrapers and sprawling residential estates in one of the most diverse and dynamic areas of Hong Kong. Originally named for the stonemasons who settled in the area during Colonial Hong Kong, it is now a bustling area of hidden restaurant gems, local Hong Kong heritage sites, and home to Swire, PCCW, and headquarters to a myriad of multinational companies and banks.
Aiming to revolutionise the way Quarry Bay’s folks lunch, Plum is excited to announce the launch launched its seventh location worldwide on May 10, 2018, bringing the handpicked meals you have come to love to an exciting new area.
With our experience in some of the most diverse locations in the world, including the Central Business District in Singapore and the industrial buildings in Kwun Tong, we’re confident our hearty and curated lunches, whether it is a cheesy lobster linguine or a signature char siu over rice, will change the way you think about lunch and what you can have at your office desk at work.
So while our close-knit team of nine diligently work on sourcing the best restaurants nearby to cater to the Quarry Bay market and planning the most efficient way to get these piping hot food to your hands, you can smile knowing that your lunch is about to be revolutionised.
Be sure to keep an eye out for our Plumsters near Taikoo Place, Kerry Centre, Towngas, and 633 King’s Road, and don’t forget to always Eat the Best, Forget the Rest.
Click here to see the ‘Plum Pick-Up Locations’ in Quarry Bay

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