Manson’s LotSwatow Street, Hong Kong

Take a stroll down Swatow Street of Wan Chai and venture into a rustic end of the district. The ash grey concrete road leads towards a flight of stairs, but look up and you’ll experience a sense of modern cuisine. Lined along this street are cafes and restaurants of all different cuisines, from Australian-inspired cafe Manson’s Lot to superfood Acai Bowl joint Supabowl. This new wave of Amazonian or Oceania inspired concepts brings a fresh and adventurous take on Hong Kong’s traditional approach to food and dining – an alternative lifestyle that is often associated with a more carefree or relaxed atmosphere. Those who have experienced the hustle of Hong Kong will understand the need for winding down, to desensitize your thoughts from the stressful and harsh environment placed on your life. These little gems hidden on Swatow Street are the perfect escape from reality, allowing you to venture into these moderately quiet dining spaces and enter into a state of trance and tranquility from the comfort of food.
Manson’s Lot was a must have for Plum as the Aussie-inspired bohemian cafe brought to Hong Kong one of the world’s best coffee from Melbourne, Australia. The rustic vibe of black, and wooden feature interior channels the urban cafe deco of Australia, whilst the coffee beans emit an aromatic whiff as you step through the doors. Don’t know much about Coffee? Manson’s Lot have you sorted. They offer 2 coffee classes, each having it’s own distinctive attributes and level of training.
The highlight of Manson’s Lot lies not only in their coffee, their dishes account for some of the best flavoured meals we’ve curated. Wild Fungi Risotto and Parma Ham Aglio Oglio are truly an explosion of flavours with Manson’s Lot Head Chef tailoring it slightly for the Hong Kong market. For a lighter option, we opted for the “0.1g Carb Caesar Salad” using fresh cut lettuce, lean Chicken breast, cherry tomatoes and an in-house fish dressing.
What Plum loves about Manson’s is their new twist on Australian cuisine, and we can’t wait to bring to our users more of their exciting dishes. Make sure you pop into their cafe to try out their signature drinks, as well as their lunch and dinner menus that are sure to impress.
Manson’s Lot: 15 Swatow St, Wan Chai

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