Monday’s At Plum

Ladies and Gents, Michelin Monday is now a thing!
The title should be self-explanatory and indeed Michelin as a brand name speaks for itself as the name for the best food evaluators in the world. Period.
Here in Hong Kong, we are spoilt for Michelin Star Restaurants, and Plum, (your new and most favorite expert lunch provider) now provides our awesome community with Michelin Star Meals!
Our model works with the very best restaurants we can find in Hong Kong and we negotiate with them to bring you, our amazing customers, value meals of the highest quality.

Love Your Monday’s Thanks To Plum

Admit it. You don’t like Monday’s.
On your MTR commute, you’re probably a little bit bent out of the shape that the weekend passed so damn fast, well, that’s where we help! Plum comes to the rescue!
“Michelin Monday’s” is a term that was coined by our creative marketing team in early 2018 and it just kinda’ stuck!  The same folks behind this alliteration also suggested “Taco Tuesday’s” but we had to kindly say, ahem, no. Hey, that’s not to say that we don’t love Mexican food (we do – we love it) – our concern was the ability to constantly procure our customers with varied and delicious Taco’s every Tuesday!

How Does It Work?

It’s simple.
We promise that every Monday that we are running the “Michelin Monday” theme, you will be presented with at least ONE Michelin Starred or Michelin Recommended Lunch.
Well. Doesn’t that seem awesome to you?

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