Plum Food Delivery

Who is Plum Hong Kong?
Plum Hong Kong is a specialist food delivery company on a mission to transform the way food is ordered in the city. We partner with the best restaurants in Hong Kong to offer our customers with a daily choice of amazing lunches.
The Plum food delivery company was launched at the end of November 2017 and we’ve already become our initial customers Hong Kong’s premier food delivery service. Our soft-launch took place in Central; specifically servicing the Cheung Kong Center, Champions Tower, Three Garden Road and the ICBC Tower. In fact – if you work in any of those buildings you’ve likely seen us handing out flyers!
We pride ourselves in curating the finest lunches we can source in Hong Kong and delivering them, free of delivery charge, to our customers.
The Plum Company
Plum is proudly owned and operated by Clearmind Capital.
Clearmind Capital is a family office which specializes in diverse alternative investment strategies, private equity investments, and venture capital. Successes include Lalamove, Compass Offices, Betatron and bCode.
Plum’s management team includes veteran businessman Andrew Chung and a host of other experienced entrepreneurs.
Plum Food Delivery Service
Hong Kong has long been a 24 hour city in every sense of that term, and food delivery in no exception.
However, that’s where we gladly differentiate ourselves: we don’t do 24 hour food delivery – we only do lunches – that’s it! Operating this way allows us to concentrate and excel on one daily important activity: lunch.
Plum Lunch Delivery in Hong Kong
With our insistence on providing our customers with the very best lunches we can source, we also pride ourselves on our highly intimate model. Our close proximity to our customers (our office is literally a few hundred metres from our main office) allows us to interact with our clients. Other food delivery services out there like Foodpanda, Deliveroo and UberEats aren’t able to profess such intimacy like we do!
How Does Our Food Delivery Service Work?
It’s simple. Each day we procure the best (and most delicious) lunches we can find and deliver those, for free, to our customers. The delivery model we have launches incorporates the charge into the cost of the lunches thereby passing real value to our clients.
How Does Plum Select Lunches?
Through personalised and highly valued relationships with restaurants located in throughout the Hong Kong Central and the Western District.
Our menus are varied, healthy and seasonal. Examples of our lunches include: New Zealand Lamb Shank on a bed of coconut rice served with a Masala Sauce, a Festive Roast of Turkey & Honey Roast Ham with seasonal roast vegetables, cranberry sauce & gravy. Also, before the Christmas break we delivered our customer with a choice of either a traditional Beef and Ale pie with mashed potatoes, broccoli and gravy, or a healthy option of a Quinoa Superfood Salad bowl with broccoli, edamame, kale, avocado, almonds, quinoa and sesame-soy vinaigrette!
Where Does The Plum Food Delivery Service Operate?
Our HQ, fondly known as ‘Plum HQ’ is located in the Central Building, Hong Kong, whilst our food delivery operations are purposely limited to specific areas of Hong Kong. We service specific buildings in Hong Kong with the best lunches we can curate.
What Does The Plum Food Delivery Bring To The Table?
Said simply: food delivery in hong kong central has never been so good. We pride ourselves on making lunch not only amazing, but also healthy varied and excellent value for money.

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