We’re Launching In ICC!

Exciting news!

Plum is opening up two new locations in Quarry Bay (Taikoo Shing) and ICC in Kowloon.
Update! We launched Plum in Quarry Bay, May 10th, 2018.
These two new locations are launching due to popular demand!
We’re already proudly serving Central, Kwun Tong and Admiralty.
To celebrate the launch of these two new locations we are offering all new customers in Quarry Bay and ICC a 50% Off their first lunch order.

Plum, Hong Kong

Plum is a company of epicureans curating critically-acclaimed meals from all over the city and bringing it to a location near you.
Our mission is to make eating the best food as easy as possible.
Plum’s is unique in the Hong Kong food market because we taste every dish to ensure its quality before putting it on our menu.
Unlike existing market players, Plum does not charge a delivery fee and our prices are on par with, sometimes lower, than restaurants.
Please click here to see our most popular dishes from last week!
Founded in Hong Kong in November of 2017, four months later, we have expanded to over 100 employees and have operations in Singapore and Sydney.

The above lunch is a sample of one of most popular dishes: 米芝蓮推介 精選點心拼盤 Michelin-recommended Curated Dim Sum Platter.
This dish, which is from the Michelin-recommended Fung Shing Restaurant, presents a hand-picked platter of iconic dim sum dishes!
Our customers enjoyed a selection of shrimp dumplings, two siu mai, a fresh shrimp with vegetable dumpling, steamed sticky rice with pork, and stir-fried noodles with soy sauce. This dish really is a classic assortment presenting the best of Hong Kong Food.

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