3 Key Startup Attributes

We are Hong Kong’s fastest growing startup. Backed by some amazing investors which include the fine folks behind Compass Offices and LaLaMove.
We’ve been on the startup journey since (officially) early December 2017 and we’ve already achieved a huge amount. With so many metrics to be proud of, the one that stands out the most (to me at least!) is the number of users we’ve generated which, to date, (mid-March 2018) exceeds 10K folk in Hong Kong alone!
Also, like many other startups out there, we’re constantly battling problems (or perhaps better said, ‘obstacles’) with solutions. In my opinion and capacity as a senior partner here at Plum, we’ve absolutely benefitted from having strong and efficient leadership.
Our CEO, Andrew Chung, is a Hong Kong veteran businessman with a string of successful ventures. In a recent management meeting, we discussed key attributes that are required to ensure ‘startup success’ – and we thought it would be a good idea to share the salient points of that meeting with our community.
So, in no particular order, here are the three key attributes that we at Plum feel are vital in being able to scale and grow.
1) The importance of staying committed to the course and stick with a chosen path. In our case, we launched Plum with one goal in mind: to make Hong Kong’s lunch infinitely more exciting and delicious for busy Hong Kong professionals.
2) The importance of the adjusting, but not constantly adjusting the model.
3) The last attribute we see is the importance of balancing technical and business knowledge with regards to food curation. Food is our product, however that on its’ own is not enough; rather, uniquely curated and exceedingly delicious food that is exclusively offered to our community is our product.
It’s unlikely that any of these three attributes will change, indeed, if they do then I’ll eat my hat (and not my exquisitely delicious Plum lunch!).

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