Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice | 新加坡米芝蓮 天天海南雞飯

在新加坡總店,門口總排着長長的人龍,因為天天主廚堅持 「沒有過多的調味但也有令人感嘆的美味」,連星級廚師Gordon Ramsey及Anthony Bourdain都讚好!如果你也想試試這令人感嘆的美味,就必定要訂我們的天天海南雞飯。

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice

This is amazing!
We’re really excited to share this with you…our customers are able to enjoy, quite possibly, SE Asia’s most delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice before the restaurant’s opening date.
In many ways this dish exemplifies what Plum is all about by bringing ‘out of district’ unique and delicious lunches to our customers.
We launched this amazing dish on Monday May 7th via our mobile app (which you can download here by the way), and it was an instant success so gosh, we feel that we are onto a real winner here.
Some of our previous lunch winners here at Plum Hong Kong throughout 2018 have been, for example, our 米芝蓮推介 精選點心拼盤 (Michelin-Recommended) Curated Dim Sum Platter from our Partner Restaurant Fung Shing Restaurant, and 米芝蓮推介 咕嚕石斑飯 (Michelin Recommended) Sweet and Sour Garoupa Rice.
In fact, we have a TON of Plum Picks that we can share with you on our recommended Hong Kong lunches here (we publish our last week’s winners in this directory).
The Hainanese Chicken Rice we’ve placed on the menu comes from a Singaporian Michelin-recommended restaurant called “Tian Tian”. Tian Tian open their doors to Hong Kong in Causeway Bay this month (May 17th, 2018).
Famous for its Michelin hawker stall in Singapore (and for those that know – the very long queues), Tian Tian is on a mission to bring an authentic Singaporean hawker experience.
This particular Hainanese Chicken Rice has won a ton of praise from celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Bourdain, and we couldn’t be happier to include this meal on our menu.
The Plum Curation Team has exclusively partnered with Tian Tian to offer you this dish at an introductory price!

What’s The History Behind Hainanese Chicken?

Hainanese chicken rice is a signature dish that originates from Hainan province in southern China.
Loved the world over, this dish is particularly popular in Hong Kong.
In fact, many foodies consider this dish to be a national dish of not only Singapore but also of Thailand as well! Many other SE Asia countries have varied the dish and ‘owned’ it as their own.
In Singapore, which is very likely the epicentre of everything to do with Hainanese Chicken, the dish is typically available in Chinese-style coffee shops, restaurants and street hawker stalls.
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Tian Tian Chicken Rice | Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Don’t just take our word for it!
One of our team members here at Plum took this photo: look at the queue!

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