Where Does Plum Find Its’ Food From?

The question I’m often asked with regards to our work here at the Plum restaurant team is as simple and straightforward to answer as much as it is difficult and abstract. After all, how exactly does one answer “Where do you guys find the food you serve?”
What is the simplest answer? “From everywhere, I guess.” It’s a response to the question that both succeeds and fails in serving the purpose of what an answer should. It is both true and false. It is and isn’t a paradox.
The immutable truth, immune to philosophical twists and turns, is that the food we find and carefully curate for you truly comes from everywhere. A meal once had with friends just weeks ago. A flyer shoved into your hand that serves to be a promising lead. Diamonds borne from countless hours of digging through the endless sea of the internet. The truth is that I wish I could take you along with me for even just a day, to allow you a glimpse into this process, an endless assault on our senses that we, as the restaurant team, must not only filter, but comprehend. Every sound is a lead. Every sight is a lead. Every smell is a potential lead to a restaurant that not only we at Plum can enjoy, but one that can potentially bear the incomparable honour which is to serve you, our users, a lunch.
Of the seven restaurants this week that I curated for the menu of this past week, each play a part in the grand tapestry which forms the cover and essence of what Plum is, and continues striving to be. Save for pickaxe and pan, how does one unearth a gem? Sometimes, it may be a directive from the boss himself, imploring us to double our efforts towards the elusive, vaunted “M” of Michelin, held much higher in regard by our team than any other famous “M”s, so to speak.
Sometimes, it may be as a result of personal experience, a wayward stumble off the beaten path that failed to register until the gold rush began.
Sometimes, the circumstances that leads one from beginning to end are entirely incomprehensible and unidentifiable, and we simply count our blessings for having been fortunate enough to have inspiration sparked from nothing, to be given mana and ambrosia from the gods themselves.
Or, you know, we follow a lot of foodies on Instagram. That usually does the trick.
– Isaac, Plum Restaurant Team

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