Plum Seeds 獎賞計劃

Plum Seeds Rewards Programme

Earn 1 Plum Seeds for every HK$1 you spend!*

Spend HK$1 less for every 100 Plum Seeds used!

*Only applicable to non-discounted items.

人人有份 , 愈食愈有

The more Plum Seeds you get, the bigger your discount!

賺取 Plum Seeds
Earning Plum Seeds

您在 Plum 訂了一份總值 $100 的餐點,包括一份意粉($69)及一份甜品($31)。於成功送餐後,您即可賺取 100 Plum Seeds,下次訂餐可抵 $1。

You checkout with $100 in Plum, including a pasta ($69) and a dessert ($31) . You can earn 100 Plum Seeds after successful delivery. The Plum Seeds earned can be redeemed as $1.


使用 Plum Seeds
Using Plum Seeds

確認訂單界面中會顯示您擁有的 Plum Seeds 數量和等值的金額。您可自由填上您想兌換的 Plum Seeds 數量並按 「使用 」按鈕。

On the Confirm Order page, you will see how many Plum Seeds you have and the equivalent amount of cash. You may fill in how many Plum Seeds you wanna use for paying this order.


如何賺取 Plum Seeds?

您每次於 Plum 應用程式內的非折扣訂單均可賺取 Plum Seeds。如您在香港訂餐,每支付港幣 $1,可賺取 1 Plum Seeds 。Plum Seeds 會在成功派餐後儲存到你的 Plum 帳戶,您可於下次訂餐時使用。現在,您亦可以 推薦好友使用 Plum 以賺取 Plum Seeds 。

How do I earn Plum Seeds?

For every HK$1 you spend on fully-paid, non-discounted items, you will earn 1 Plum Seed. Plum Seeds will appear in your account once your meal has been delivered. Now, you can also earn Plum Seeds by referring Plum to your friends.

如何兌換 Plum Seeds?

您只須在「確定訂單」的頁面,選擇想兌換的 Plum Seeds 數量即可。系統將會自動替你換算 Plum Seeds 的等值港幣金額,並顯示您於折扣後需支付的餘額。然後,您可選擇用信用卡/Apply Pay / Google Pay 找結餘額。

How do I redeem Plum Seeds?

You can enter your desired amount of Plum Seeds to be redeemed as cash for your Plum order on the “Confirm Order” page. The monetary equivalent of the amount of Plum Seeds you entered will be calculated automatically for you and deducted upon checkout. You may pay for the remaining amount by credit card / Apple pay / Google pay.

何查閱我的 Plum Seeds 數量?

在應用程式的目錄便可看見您的 Plum Seeds 數量。

How do I check the amount of Plum Seeds I’ve earned?

You can see the amount of Plum Seeds you’ve earned in the Main Menu.



What is a non-discounted order?

Non-discounted orders are orders made without using a discount promo code.

我需要先登記以賺取 Plum Seeds嗎?

不需要。只要你是 Plum 的用戶便可賺取 Plum Seeds 。

Do I have to sign up to earn Plum Seeds?

No sign-up or registration needed, all Plum users can earn Plum Seeds.

我在香港以外地方訂購 Plum 可以賺取 Plum Seeds 嗎?

我在香港以外地方訂購 Plum 可以賺取 Plum Seeds 嗎? 可以。我們在新加坡亦有提供服務,歡迎在當地訂購 Plum,品嚐全城最美味的餐點。不過, 您所賺取的 Plum Seeds 不能夠跨境使用,您在某國家/地區賺取的 Plum Seeds 只可於該國家/地區使用。

Can I earn and use Plum Seeds when I order Plum outside of Hong Kong?

Yes. Plum Seeds are available to customers in Singapore as well! However, Plum Seeds are non-exchangeable across countries, i.e. Plum Seeds earned from a country/region can only used in the respective country/region.

我所累積的 Plum Seeds 有最高限額嗎 ?

您的 Plum 個人帳戶最多可累積 30,000 Plum Seeds。如您所累積的 Plum Seeds 達到上限,新的 Plum Seeds 將不能加到您的帳戶內,並不能領回。

Is there a cap on the amount of Plum Seeds I can accumulate?

The maximum amount of Plum Seeds to be stored in each Plum personal account is 30,000. If you have reached the maximum amount, Plum Seeds that you earn later will not be added into your account and we will not be able to add those Plum Seeds back into your account afterwards.

如我申請退款,我所使用的 Plum Seeds 也會退回至我的 Plum 帳戶內嗎?

會的,我們會把您所使用的 Plum Seeds 以及退款,一併存到您的 Plum 帳戶內。

If my lunch order is refunded, can I get back the Plum Seeds I used in my order?

Yes. The Plum Seeds you used for paying the refunded meal will go back into your account.

我所累積的 Plum Seeds 會過期嗎 ?

會。累積的 Plum Seeds 在最後訂餐日後有 90 日使用期限,每當您成功訂餐,您的 Plum Seeds 使用期限會自動延長 90 日。

Is there an expiry date for Plum Seeds?

All Plum Seeds will be expired 90 days after your last successfully delivered order. The expiry date of your Plum Seeds will be extended every time you order from Plum.


1.    “Plum Seeds” are points that are awarded to you and accumulated in your Plum account until expiry. Plum Seeds are awarded on every successfully delivered Plum order to the user who placed the order.

2.    Except otherwise stated, every 100 Plum Seeds may be used to offset 1 Hong Kong Dollar (HK$1.00) of the total order price. Plum Seeds earned are not transferable to other countries.

3.    Plum Seeds may also be earned via the following methods:

       (a) refunds from previous orders; or

       (b) earnings through any means authorized by Plum at its sole discretion.

The amount of Plum Seeds received may vary with each order at the sole discretion of Plum.

4.    Plum Seeds are only applicable to orders made using the Plum app.

5.    All Plum Seeds will expire 90 days from the user’s last order date whereby the meal is successfully delivered. The expiry date of your Plum Seeds will be renewed every time you order from Plum.

6.    Plum Seeds are neither transferable nor redeemable for cash.

7.    Any Plum Seeds accumulated will be cancelled when your user account is terminated.

8.    Plum reserves the right to terminate or vary the terms of Plum Seeds at its sole discretion. In the event of any dispute, our decision shall be final and conclusive.